Successful Project Completion for Wezendonk / NL

July 2024 | Wezendonk / Netherlands

The #WIMA team has successfully contributed to an exciting project for the company Wezendonk / NL in recent months! We had the pleasure of delivering three screening machines – two circular vibrators and one elliptical vibrator – to Wezendonk Zand en Grind B.V. These machines are now integral parts of their facility, ensuring precise screening processes.

Technical Details of the Delivered Machines to Wezendonk / NL 📌

  • Elliptical Vibrator:

    • 2 decks
    • Triple-laden
    • Screen size: 3000 x 9000 mm
    • Screen area per deck: 27 m²

    Circular Vibrator (Type 1):

    • 2.5 decks
    • Screen size: 2100 x 6000 mm
    • Machine inclination: 13 degrees
    • Screen area: 12 x 6 m²

    Circular Vibrator (Type 2):

    • 1 deck
    • Screen size: 1500 x 4000 mm
    • Machine inclination: 5 degrees
    • Screen area: 6.00 m²

Thanks to Our Teams

A heartfelt thank you to everyone involved – from sales to design and production. Your tireless dedication and expertise made the successful commissioning possible.

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