WIMA Density Separator – ASTRO .

The WIMA Heavy Media Separator ASTRO 3000 – Your Path to Producing High-Quality Sands

Our ASTRO 3000 is similar to an upstream classifier but specifically addresses turbidity. It plays a crucial role in manufacturing high-quality construction materials by ensuring that aggregates are free of organic contaminants. Whether in natural deposits or recycling areas, conventional processing machines struggle to remove organic impurities like coal and wood, especially in sand and gravel deposits.

With the ASTRO 3000 heavy media separator, organic materials with a density of up to 1.8 g/cm³ can be efficiently removed. The throughput of sand varies between 40 and 90 tons per hour, depending on the type and amount of contamination. Density separation is achieved through the even upward flow of water across the entire bottom of the container.

The ASTRO features a hot-dip galvanized nozzle bottom with around 1,800 nozzle sets. These sets, made up of a PU impact piece and a rubber membrane, ensure optimal distribution of the upward-flowing water. This design reduces water consumption and minimizes fine sand loss

Parameters in the sorter are captured by density sensors, while an electronic evaluation unit controls the hydraulically operated discharge valves. The use of Ni-Hard valve inserts ensures a low-wear, reliable operation.

Now featuring an advanced control system

Built on a proven physical principle

Technical Specifications ASTRO 3000

Model Throughput (t/h) Density of Separated Components (g/cm³) Water Consumption (m³/h)
ASTRO 3000 40-90 up to 1,8 60-80
ASTRO 2400-3 25-50 up to 1,8 50-70

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