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Linear Motion Vibrating Screen .

The Linear Motion Vibrating Screen

Precision Movement and Efficiency

In contrast to the Circular Motion Vibrating Screen, our Linear Motion Vibrating Screen generates a targeted vibrating motion, driven by oppositely rotating eccentric drives. This specific vibration enables an efficient material transport, even without tilting the machine. Due to these characteristics, the Linear Motion Vibrating Screen is often used for dewatering tasks. Depending on the size and application, the machines can be equipped with vibration motors, double bearings, or levelling exciters.

Technical Specifications:

Width (mm) Length (mm) Drive power (kW)
Dewatering screen 1 deck 600-3.000 1.500-8.000 2x1,1 bis 2x22
Dewatering screen 2 decks 1.500-2.700 5.000-7.000 2x7,5 bis 2x22
Width (ft) Length (ft) Drive power (kW)
Dewatering screen 1 deck 1,97 – 9,84 4,92 – 26,25 2x1.1 to 2x22
Dewatering screen 2 decks 4,92 – 8,86 16,4 – 22,97 2x7.5 to 2x22

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