WIMA Hydrocyclone Unit


The WIMA Hydrocyclone Unit for your process water treatment

Our Hydroncyclone Unit (HCU) is an advanced solution for separating mineral components from process water. This compact machine is designed to deliver high efficiency in wastewater processing while minimizing operating costs. The HCU processes 60 cubic meters of wastewater per hour using three cyclones, each with a diameter of 100 mm.

Structure and Functionality of the Hydrocyclone Unit

The Hydrocyclone Unit is equipped with a screening machine divided into two sections. One section serves as a fiber screen for removing debris, while the other functions as a dewatering screen. The cleaned water-sand mixture is collected in a trough and fed to the hydrocyclones via an installed solids pump. Within the hydrocyclones, particles larger than 63 µm are separated due to specific hydraulic conditions and directed to the dewatering side. The particle-free water can then be channeled either into a sedimentation tank or alternatively into a water treatment system.

Technical Data:

Dimensions (approx.)
Total Length 2.900 mm
Total Width 2.400 mm
Total Height 3.400 mm
Length, Screen Machine 2.000 mm
Width, Screen Machine 900 mm
Discharge height, Screen Machine 950 mm
Inlet DN100, PN 16, Height 1.600 mm
Weight (approx.)
Total Weight 3.400 kg
Screen Machine
Power 2 x 2,2 kW
Screen Surface 1 (impurity discharge, 2mm) 1,2 m²
Screen Surface 2 (impurity discharge, 0,3 mm) 0,6 m²
External Pumps / Motors
Power max. 11 kW
Power Consumption max. 12,5 A

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