WIMA Short Gravel Wash.

Our Short Gravel Wash

is specifically designed to efficiently wash gravel in the
particle size range of 2-50 mm with low feed rates.

Features of the Short Gravel Wash.

Precision Washing
The rotating inclined shaft, equipped with paddle and screw segments, allows for targeted washing and efficient transport of gravel material.

Water Recirculation
Water flows back along the machine body, while adjustable water channels ensure controlled water overflow.

Highly Wear-Resistant Materials
Conveyor screw elements and paddle elements are made of highly wear-resistant cast steel or PU materials for an exceptionally long lifespan.


Many years of experience and expertise
Since 1992, our customers have benefited from tailor-made solutions for efficient single-shaft gravel washing that optimize their operational processes and increase their productivity.

Innovative technology
Our investments in the latest machine technology and research projects are aimed at continuously improving our products to maximize your efficiency and provide you with the greatest possible benefit.

Customized adaptations
We offer individual configurations to meet your specific requirements.

Service and support
From consulting and design to commissioning, we are at your side as a competent partner.

Looking to replace your old machine?

Explore tailored solutions:

Thinking of replacing your existing system with a modern Short Gravel Wash from WIMA? Our experienced team is at your service. Let us assess the existing structure and develop a customized solution to seamlessly integrate a new machine.

We avoid extensive and costly modifications to ensure a smooth transition for you.

Discover your possibilities with WIMA.

Do you want to learn more or discuss specific questions? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us; we’re at your service. Discover more about our Short Gravel Wash and solutions and find out how WIMA can enhance your production processes.