WIMA Density Separator – HDS-Series.

HDS Series
Your Solution for Precise Hydro-Density Separation

Our HDS series provides effective solutions for water-based separation of heavy and light materials, with a clear focus on reliability and precision. The functional principle of our HDS models proves to be a versatile solution in the field of secondary raw materials, successfully addressing specific challenges.

Operating Principle:

The HDS is a density separator that utilizes the different densities of materials to separate them from each other. Water, with its density of about 1 g/cm³, forms an ideal basis for separation. Material with a density greater than 1 g/cm³ reliably sinks, while material with a lower density floats on the water surface.

To further optimize this separation, the HDS generates a targeted upflow. This mechanism ensures that particles with higher density either sink when their sinking speed is greater than the upflow speed, or float when the upflow speed prevails. This approach ensures precise and effective separation of materials, which is often a challenge in conventional processes.

A comparison of our HDS models:

Machine components
Material feed Feed hopper with baffle plate Feed hopper with baffle plate Feed hopper with baffle plate Feeding chute with water flushing
Heavy material output Shaftless screw conveyor Shaftless screw conveyor Screw conveyor Shaftless screw conveyor
Light material output Dewatering discharge belt Dewatering screen machine Dewatering screen machine Dewatering drum
Upflow unit Adjustable propeller Adjustable propeller Adjustable propeller Adjustable propeller
Water treatment heavy materials Sediment discharge + **Dewatering screening machine for floating materials
Water treatment light materials Light material discharge via dewatering screening machine
Water volume 1,5 m³ 2 m³ 4 m³ 5 m³
Material Capacity* 30 m³/h 15 t/h 50 t/h 60 m³/h

*Material capacity varies and depends on the input material


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