WIMA Density Separator


Our HDS-S presents the compact entry-level solution for water-based density separation.

Operation Principle:

The machine comprises a separation chamber, a discharge conveyor for lightweight materials, and a screw conveyor for heavy materials. The core element is the continuously adjustable propeller in the separation chamber. This propeller allows for the adjustment of flow velocity for various materials. The continuously adjustable propeller generates an upflow in the separation chamber, transporting lightweight materials onto the discharge conveyor. Heavy materials sink to the bottom of the separation chamber and are discharged using the screw conveyor. This screw conveyor is soulless, enabling the conveyance of heavy materials with an edge length of up to 150 mm.
By adjusting the flow velocity, materials with a density greater than 1g/cm³ can be transferred to the lightweight fraction.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions (approx.)
Total length, auger 5.500 mm
Total width, auger 1.000 mm
Discharge height, auger 1.200 mm
Discharge height, conveyer belt 1.900 mm
Height infeed 1.800 mm
Weight (approx.)
Separation chamber frame 1.300 kg
Auger with trough 1.300 kg
Discharge Conveyer 470 kg
Overall weight 3.100 kg
Quality: Operating Water
Water quantity initial filling: ca. 3 m³
Energy Supply
Network type 3Ph/N/PE
Supply voltage / frequency 400 VAC / 50 Hz
Back- up fuse (CEE plug) 63 A
Dimensions (approx.)
Total length, auger 18,04 ft
Total width, auger 3,28 ft
Discharge height, auger 3,94 ft
Discharge height, conveyer belt 6,23 ft
Height infeed 5,9 ft
Weight (approx.)
Separation chamber frame 2866 lbs
Auger with trough 2932 lbs
Discharge Conveyer 1036 lbs
Overall weight 6834 lbs
Quality: Operating water
Water quantity initial filling: approx. 3 m³
Energy Supply
Network type 3Ph/N/PE
Supply voltage / frequency 400 VAC / 50 Hz
Back- up fuse (CEE plug) 63 A

Application Areas.

Compost screen overflow

Wood waste processing

Construction demolition material

Mixed construction waste

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